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“19th Century Preluding” reveals the Romantic-era art of performing improvised introductions to written piano compositions, and prepares the learner to bring this capability to the stage. Course instructor John Mortensen is internationally recognized as a concert improviser and teacher. The lessons begin by closely examining original sources including Czerny, Kollmann, Corri, Hummel, and Clara Schumann. Then the learner is invited into Mortensen’s “workshop” to watch his process as he develops preludes on familiar and unknown works from the repertoire. At the conclusion of the course, each student may submit a video performance of preluding and receive personal written commentary from Dr. Mortensen.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Trailer

    2. Course Overview

    3. What is Preluding?

    4. Corri's Original System of Preluding, Part I

    5. Corri's Original System of Preluding, Part II

    6. Corri's Original System of Preluding, Part III

    7. Czerny's Six Chords, Part I

    8. Czerny's Six Chords, Part II

    9. Czerny's Six Chords, Part III

    10. The Kollmann Progression, Part I

    11. The Kollmann Progression, Part II

    12. Figuration, Part I

    13. Figuration, Part II

    14. Figuration, Part III

    15. Rule of the Octave

    16. CPE Bach's Scales

    17. Preluding on RO and CPE

    18. Thematic Preludes I: Kollman's Prelude to Hüllmandel

    19. Thematic Preludes II: Clementi's Prelude to Haydn

    20. Thematic Preludes III: Clara's Preludes to Robert

    21. Rules for Thematic Preludes

    22. Preludes to Mozart K 545

    23. Preludes to Mozart K. 310

    24. Preludes to Beethoven Op 14 no 1

    25. Preludes to Schubert Impromptus I

    26. Preludes to Schubert Impromptus II

    27. Live Preluding Example: Schubert

    28. Preludes to Montgeroult Sonata Fm, Op 5 no 2

    29. Preludes to Chopin Nocturne, Op 48 no 1

    30. Final Exam Instructions

    31. Final Exam Upload

    32. Video Gallery

About this course

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  • 32 lessons